Winter Weight Training? Get a Chiropractor!

Serious about weight training? Why you need a good Chiropractor:

We all know that when it comes to weight training there isn’t one secret to the perfect body. The secret is doing many little things right that allow you to thrive. It’s called the slight edge principle. Having a chiropractor in your back pocket during your training is one key element to your success. Below is a snapshot of what a chiropractor can do for you. Continue reading Winter Weight Training? Get a Chiropractor!


Interferential Therapy – The Healing Current

Interferential Therapy is one popular method used in an injury and electrostimwellness clinic to treat patients. It was first developed in Australia in the late 40’s and became a popular modality in the U.S because it treats deep tissue. Continue reading Interferential Therapy – The Healing Current

Abdominal Massage (English)

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The stomach, medically known as the abdominal cavity, is a vital area abdominal_massagecovering sensitive organs and expands during  a state of pregnancy. This is where digestion occurs to eventually aid in defecation of wastes. If there is stress or blocked energy the process is complicated. We begin to experience indigestion, constipation, bloating, overall discomfort or more. For these reasons the  possibility to alleviate these symptoms arises by giving oneself the opportunity to receive an abdominal massage. Continue reading Abdominal Massage (English)

Masaje Abdominal (Español)

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El estomago, medicamente conocido como la carie abdominal.Una area vital y sensible que cubre organos sensibles y expande al estar en estado de embarazo. Aqui mismo la digestion permanece activa para que al final el contento sea defecado. Aveces por estres o por tener tension y energia bloqueada este proceso se complica y empesamos a sentir indigestion, estrenimiento,  hinchazon y varias incomodidades mas. Por estas razones surge una posibilidad de aliviar estos sintomas, con la oportunidad de recibir un masaje abdominal. Continue reading Masaje Abdominal (Español)